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Al Qasimia University Scholarship

الجامعة المشاركة

Full Scholarship

Al Qasimia University

Undergraduate Degree


11 November 2023

موعد التسليم:

United Arab Emirates, Developing Countries


وصف المنحة الدراسية

Al Qasimia University invites students from different countries of the world to apply for a scholarship to study a bachelor’s degree in the United Arab Emirates, because this scholarship will be open to all students from outside the United Arab Emirates, and the university is located in a very privileged location in the University City in Sharjah. It contains an environmentally friendly campus, in addition to a building with the latest systems in accordance with the highest standards, as it combines the beauty of Islamic architecture and the splendor of designs.


  • The scholarship program is only limited to international students (those accepted from outside the UAE).

  • Only international students shall receive a monthly stipend determined by the university.

  • The monthly stipend is given during the Summer Semester only enrolled international students. Enrollment for the Summer Semester is optional.

  • Students on scholarship are entitled to one ticket (round trip) after completing 50% of the total credit hours of their specialization and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 throughout the study period.

  • The university is responsible for all expenses related to student residence visas and Emirates ID cards ID.

  • The university provides health insurance for international students only.

  • The university provides accommodation for students.

  • The university only provides on-campus transportation.

  • If international students do not arrive on time to the UAE after being accepted as a student in the university, their visa shall be cancelled.

  • Students are granted return tickets to their countries of origin after their graduation.

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