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ANGUS-SAWISE Scholarship in Science and Engineering for African Women

الجامعة المشاركة

$600 - $1,000

Available at any university in Canada or the United States of America

Undergraduate Degree


10 January 2024

موعد التسليم:

Any Country


وصف المنحة الدراسية

Every year the Association of South African Women in Science and Engineering (SA WISE) grants the Angus Scholarship, to a Sub-Saharan individual of color graduate with 70% or above grade normal in her subject of study. The grant is granted for 1 year of tertiary investigation at Honors level (or fourth year level of study) in any field of science and designing. The effective candidate should turn into a functioning individual from SAWISE.


Each year SAWISE awards the Angus Scholarship and the criteria for eligibility include:

  • A sub-Saharan black female

  • Must have achieved 70% or above in her final years of study.

  • Strictly for studies at Honours level (or 4th year equivalent e.g. in engineering) at a South African University

  • In any field of science and engineering.

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