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By Al Nas, For Al Nas.

A centralized platform consolidating information, tools, and resources for the Sudanese community, particularly those affected by the conflict. By Al Nas, For Al Nas works as an archival social hub where the Sudanese community can collaboratively support one another by sharing knowledge, posing questions, and providing answers - acting as a collective support network.


The forum organizes information in a user-friendly manner, ensuring easy access to answers and relevant discussions. It empowers users to create dedicated spaces for specific topics, facilitating community contribution and ensuring no question goes unanswered. By harnessing the power of collective knowledge, the forum strengthens the support network, fosters collaboration, and promotes a culture of mutual assistance among Al Nas. Through this strategic consolidation, the forum ensures that those impacted by the conflict in Sudan receive the necessary assistance while providing a reliable and accessible platform to support one another.

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