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Nas Al Sudan provides access to a comprehensive scholarship database which includes opportunities to study in various countries such as Saudi Arabia, Canada, South Africa, Australian, and more. While recognizing that these lists primarily benefit a select group of students who can either afford additional costs or access required documentation, we are committed to continuously seeking equitable pathways to address the existing gaps in accessing educational opportunities for all those affected by conflict - including high school students and those lacking documentation. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all Sudanese students, regardless of their circumstances, gain access to the necessary resources and support needed to pursue their educational pathways successfully.


Our Partners for Mosa'ada program also connects students with experienced mentors who provide personalized one-on-one support throughout their educational journey. By offering these stepping-stone initiatives, we aim to equip Sudanese students with the tools, guidance, and mentorship needed to achieve their educational goals and unlock a brighter future.

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