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King Faisal University Scholarship

Participating University

Full Scholarship

King Faisal University

Graduate Degree, Post-Graduate Degree


Open until capacity is full.


Saudi Arabia, Developing Countries


Scholarship Description

Then King Faisal University Scholarship 2023 in Saudi Arabia is a full ride scholarship for those looking to study in the Kingdom. The scholarship offers a monthly salary, accommodation, and study aid. The scholarship application is free.


Files required for submission:

  • Graduation certificate (authenticated by all concerned authorities).

  • Transcript of grades (certified by all concerned authorities)

  • English language proficiency certificate, if any (not mandatory).

  • ID/Passport copy

  • Photograph.

Any other certificates or awards that may support your file. Acceptance criteria: To be eligible for the King Faisal University Scholarship, international students must meet certain criteria, which may include:

  • Strong academic background and excellent academic achievement.

  • The student should be of good conduct.

  • To be medically fit.

  • To undertake to abide by the rules and regulations of the university.

  • Not to be expelled from one of the universities for any reason.

  • The student should not have obtained a scholarship from a university in the Kingdom.

  • To be with the female student, a mahram who has a scholarship, or to be a resident who has a regular residence permit.

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